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Chunki Dog Grooming offers clients a comprehensive dog grooming service. From the top to the bottom we clean, trim and pamper your favourite pooches. Our service is not only a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your pet but also has positive health benefits. Our dedicated and highly experienced dog groomer checks your animal for any unusual lumps or bumps. She also inspects ears and the mouth for signs of infections. Chunki Dog Grooming helps keep your pet clean, healthy and happy. The services we offer include:

  • Nail Cutting

  • Blow Drying

  • Full Dog Shampoo

  • De-Shedding (Undercoat)

Our highly experienced dog groomer can boast nearly a decade of offering quality grooming services to all kinds of dogs. In this time she amassed unrivalled expertise. This expertise allows her to employ the right dog grooming techniques for the unique coat of your pet.

Have your four-legged friends looking their best with Chunki Dog Grooming today.

Large Dog Specialist

We specialise in grooming large dogs. Large dogs often have speciality needs in regards to dog grooming. Depending on the breed, different coats need to be treated and managed individually. Chunki Dog Grooming specialises in:

  • Huskies

  • Rough Collie

  • Long Hair Alsatians

Large dogs' luxuriant coats, although beautiful, can create a real shedding issue in a household. This is why a dedicated dog grooming service is essential to remove excessive hair and cut-down on the amount of hair clean-up required.
We understand that large dogs can often be shy and sensitive about getting their coats cut, so at Chunki Dog Grooming we make every effort to create a relaxing calm environment for the dog that keeps stress levels down to an absolute minimum.

For more information on the kinds of dog breeds we specialise in, please get in contact with Chunki Dog Grooming today.

Difficult Dogs

We can deal with difficult dogs through calming techniques & gentle reassurance. We take our time to gain the dogs trust. We understand that some dogs don’t enjoy being groomed. We specialise in working with dogs that are known to display negative behaviors like barking, biting and trying to escape. Chunki Dog Grooming’s expertise in the field of dog grooming mean’s we’re equipped to deal with even the most difficult of dogs. We can deal with vicious dogs who bite and attack while being groomed, along with excitable dogs who find it difficult to stay still. 


Specialize in Dogs with challenging behavior while grooming. Huskie breeds, Rough collies and long haired Alsatians. But groom all breeds.

Get in contact with Chunki Dog Grooming today, to learn more about our techniques for grooming a difficult dog.


Reiki is a Japanese technique, it aids relaxation and stress reduction, which promotes healing, by bringing the body into a harmonious state so that our energy is balanced. Balancing the bodies energy means instead of just treating the symptoms, the aim is to treat the body as a whole, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

For more information on the positive benefits of Reiki for animals, get in contact with Chunki Dog Grooming today.

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